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  • We do accept samples of wine from wineries and books from publishers and authors. We promise that our team will evaluate any items sent unless we become aware of any conflict of interest or challenge to our ethical guidelines. We will write a review of any wines or books we like with the disclaimer that we have been given the sample.
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I love the pairings! I send these to the past chefs of my yacht who love it. Keep them coming!

Robert, Yes there are several Sangeovese, Malbec, Shiraz, US Bordeaux-style blends, Cabernet and Syrahs on the list of $20 and under that were selected by WS and WE. Please email our operations at: [email protected] and we will send you a complete list of the 31 most inexpensive. Thank you for your comments....Keep tuned for an article soon on Wine and Health.

Can we get some recommendations on reds in the $12-20 range?

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